Monday, 25 May 2015

Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX

Today TWDR looks at the exotic Ferrari 599XX in 1:64 scale from Hot Wheels. Yes, there's a super treasure hunt version of this car that has the collecting world in a frenzy, but we thought we'd focus on the basic model. Sometimes Hot Wheels just nails it on a 1 dollar car, and this is one of those times. The 599XX looks like something you'd see cruising down Hollywood Boulevard or on a swanky speedway.

The proportions on this car are spot on and the lines and curves give it a sleek look and makes the model seem more expensive than it actually is. The deep charcoal paint, Ferrari logos, detailing, side-induction air intakes, Ferrari red striping on the sides and top all give this model an extra sense of realism and exotic feel. 

One of the reasons we're reviewing this piece is that Hot Wheels is rumoured to have lost their license to produce Ferrari models going forward. That means this might be the last Hot Wheels Ferrari we see for a long, long time…and boy did it end with a bang. Enjoy the shots!

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