Saturday, 23 May 2015

Hot Wheels Volkswagen Caddy

Well here it is. The most anticipated new Hot Wheels casting of 2015, perhaps second only to the '70 Ford Escort RS1600. The Volkswagen Caddy is a perfect blend of everything Hot Wheels should be.

This piece was designed by Felix Holst, who came over to Hot Wheels from Mattel's Matchbox division. Holst played a big role in turning Matchbox around, ramping up the line's popularity and profitability with accurately designed castings featuring minimal deco and realistic proportions. The VW caddy does just that, but with an extra Hot Wheels kick. This is no stock MK1 pickup; it's something you'd see at a VW meet or in the pages of a modified VW magazine.

Now for some of the casting details. What makes this casting so special is not simply that it's the most well proportioned MK1 ride Hot Wheels has done, rather it is the little extra touches. The first thing you'll notice is the skateboard that's molded into the bed of the pickup. Then, there's the crossbar at the top of the pickup bed. The sun-roof has a built-in roll cage telling you this is no stock MK1 caddy while avoiding a tacky result. Painted headlights, taillights and VW logo are added touches. Then you get the air intake below the grille and the Euro style front bumper. We could keep going about the features Mattel has packed into this piece.

The body itself is rife with subtle detailing. The gas cap outline on the side, the word 'Volkswagen' embossed into the tailgate and the vented hood. Raised door handles. Perhaps the most obvious feature of this casting is the sculpted wheel wells that give it that custom, Hot Wheels look. We'll stop extolling the Volkswagen Caddy's virtues and let you enjoy the photography: One dollar die cast doesn't get any better than this!

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