Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Where's the Interior, Mattel? The '52 Chevy Pickup from Hot Wheels

At TWDR, the '52 Chevy Pickup is one of the 2015 'New Models' from Hot Wheels that we've really been looking forward to. Hot Wheels has offered the truck previously, but with the cab and the bed as 2 separate pieces. This had the visual effect of making the bed look slanted on the previous version. For 2015, Hot Wheels re-tooled the '52 Chevy with a singular mold, attaching the base to the cab to give the casting a much cleaner look.

In some ways, this is the sharpest 50's Chevy truck Hot Wheels has offered. Sure, the 50's Chevy truck casting, with a tilting bed, has been used multiple times in the RLC/HWC and Convention lines. And there's the La Troca, a lowered, unlicensed 50s Chevy truck. The problem with the '50s's' Chevy Truck casting is that it always seemed so bulky and almost too large to consider 1:64 scale. The La Troca on the other hand wasn't licensed, sat almost ridiculously low and had a sun-shield above the front windshield that gave it a goofy look. The '52 Chevy truck, on the other hand, is accurately proportioned. It is much smaller than the '50's Chevy Truck casting, and sits a little higher than the La Troca despite being substantially lowered from a stock ride height. The one-piece nature of the casting gives it a hardy, clean feel. 

Hot Wheel gave this model some nice trim on the fenders and doors that look appropriate to the era. Add basic red paint and clear windows, and we have the accurate, clean and realistic 50's Chevy truck that we've all been waiting for. So what is the issue? While we love clear windows on Hot Wheels models, on this piece they reveal that Mattel put no interior whatsoever into this piece. Sure it's a 1$ car, but no seats, no dash, no steering wheel? What gives? Mattel is cost-cutting, but if you're making a realistic, accurate model with clear windows, tailored more to collectors than kids, throw an interior in there Mattel! 

Don't get us wrong, we frequently praise Mattel releases, but the missing interior was a disappointing aspect of an otherwise brilliant execution.

Note: This doesn't affect the overall appearance significantly, but Mattel could've widened the axles and still kept the wheels within the fender skirts. Why such narrow axles?

Enjoy the photos, it is still a wonderful model to appreciate. Let us know in the comments below how you feel about the missing interior. (or the narrow axles)

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