Friday, 19 June 2015

A Matchbox Grail? The Elusive Green Dodge Challenger

4 weeks ago, a widely-read Die Cast blog posted some shots of the impossible-to-find Matchbox Dodge Challenger SRT8 in lime green. Reportedly, the green Matchbox Challenger showed up in only one, single darn 10-Pack, never making it to the mainline, 5 packs or anywhere else. On top of that, the 10-pack containing the green machine only showed up in Canada. Getting our hands on 1 sounded like an uphill battle.

With some effort put in over the past month, we at TWDR managed to find 2 of them over the past month, and we decided to showcase one here for you.

We absolutely love this casting from Matchbox. Its proportions are a little more accurate than Hot Wheels' rendition of the modern Challenger and the stance is far more realistic on the Matchbox, sans that oh-so-typical Hot Wheels 'California-rake', where the rear wheel size causes the back end to sit much higher off the ground than does the front end. Another feature we love about this model is those 5-spoke, satin silver rims from Matchbox. They are our favorite plastic rims period, second only to the original Hot Wheels Redlines. The lime green paint job is more satin and flat than it is metallic and it looks just plain beautiful on this model. Additionally, the model is free of gaudy tampos, racing stripes, flames or any other visual silliness that could potentially detract from the model.

So by now you're probably wondering where to get one, but you might not have much luck trying to find one. But there's good news! In 2013 Matchbox put out a purple edition of the Challenger SRT8 that looks nearly as sharp and can be had on eBay for pennies on the dollar.

Now you know we love this model, but is it truly a 'holy' grail as some have called it? We won't say no. In our minds, anything that is elusive, valuable, limited or just too darn hard to find can be considered a grail by the collector. It is up to the individual collector to decide what a grail is for him or herself! This model is not a personal grail of ours, but it certainly has that 'grail status.' It is far, far rarer than any Hot Wheels Super Treasure hunt or Greenlight Green Machine. With Supers and Green Machines, demand and competition drive up the price, causing some to mistake them for 'true' grails.

The green Matchbox Challenger SRT8 joins the likes of Hot Wheels employee cars, toy fair releases, and other rare variations as an elusive and unique piece on which some will certainly proclaim grail status.

What is your 'grail'? Let us know in the comments below. Enjoy.

Matchbox Dodge Challenger

The 10 Pack it was Exclusive to:

Common in Purple

Stay Tuned!


  1. I just found one at a yard sale in almost mint what do you think it is worth?

  2. Really nice and snazzy looking cars.