Thursday, 11 June 2015

Brand New from Greenlight: AutoWorld Series 13 VWs!

Greenlight offers highly detailed, accurately scaled die cast miniatures with the collector in mind. All of their releases feature rubber tires and you'll find the tire width and wheel size are far more accurate than even the most realistic Hot Wheels models. Greenlight releases tend to feature highly detailed paint schemes and extra touches of realism. Accurate proportions and stance is found throughout the Greenlight lineup.

Greenlight just released Series 13 of their MotorWorld collectables series, and we managed to get our hands on a few of them. ( Today, we review the German (VW) subset of MotorWorld S13. MotorWorld cars come in waves of 12 cars, with 3 subsets comprised of 4 cars each. Each wave typically comes with a German subset, a US vintage subset and a US modern subset.

We had trouble getting our hands on the Series 12 VW models, but here are all 4 of the latest models from the Series 13 German subset of Greenlight's MotorWorld Series. Greenlight really hits a home run with these models on our scorecard. They are about 2$ cheaper than most Greenlight releases at around 3$ a pop, and in some ways are nicer than many of Greenlight's pricier releases.

Volkswagen Classic Beetle (Yellow)

Although it is hard to pick a favorite from the bunch, this Beetle just might be ours. The yellow paint really pops and the old school fat whitewalls really make the overall look. The all-around detailing is flawless, with painted signal lights, chrome bits, windshield trim, black bumpers etc. Another reason we absolutely love this model is the accuracy of the proportions. It is not too big, like many other die cast bugs, and the tires and rims are appropriately narrow. The stance is just right: No exaggerated rake or lowered suspension. Black running boards and clear windows all around seal the deal.

Volkswagen Classic Beetle (Tan/Cream)

This is the exact same casting as the car above, but we won't fault Greenlight for giving us two color schemes when both are so well done. We love the copper looking rims and cream color paint with old school brown trim kit.

Group Shots

Volkswagen Panel Van

This is probably the most 'custom' looking car of the bunch. This isn't the type of paint job you'd expect on a stock VW panel van, but at a modified VW show this is par for the course. Detailed door handles, the actual stock hub-caps from this era and a nice big VW logo on the front are welcome touches.

Volkswagen T1 (Samba) Van

We absolutely love this model. Bonanza Air Lines is a cool theme and the cities listed on the side of the model give it added realism. Enjoy the photos...

Stay Tuned!

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