Tuesday, 23 June 2015

JDM Fans: The Hot Wheels '90 Acura NSX has Arrived

Maybe the most anticipated of the 2015 basic models, at least among JDM fans, is the '90 Acura NSX, so naturally we had to get our hands on one. The NSX, perhaps Japan's most legendary super car, has never had a Hot Wheels version until now. Do we like it? Here at TWDR, we haven't fully bought into the JDM craze sweeping the die cast world. Sure there are some incredible models that are favorites around here, like the '90 Honda Civic EF and the Datsun 620 pickup, but just because something is 'JDM' doesn't mean we have to have it.

Anyways, let's talk about the NSX. When we picked this up at our local Wal-Mart, nothing about it was overly impressive. Once you open it up, there are subtle touches, like the Acura hood logo and indented headlight lines. It rolls nicely and the stance is low and mean. Do we like it? Yes. Do we love it and does it live up to the hype? No. Collectors are fickle, and some of us love a model that others hate, so we are not saying it's a bad model. But it is lacking. Firstly, the PR5 wheels look plain goofy. A traditional 5 spoke or the OH5s would have given it a more realistic look. PR5's were fun on realistic Hot Wheels a decade ago, but Mattel's wheel choices have come a long way since then. But it's not just wheel choice. It's the fact that the wheels are just plain too big for the casting. Hot Wheels has a tendency to use wheels that aren't to scale, but on a model designed for realism, come on guys. Our other beef is the plastic roof. Sure it was the easy option given how prominent the windows are on the real car, but easy is not always best. On top of it the whole package just seems kind of bland.

Let us know if you feel the same, or think we're just plain crazy in the comments below.

'90 Acura NSX

Stay Tuned!


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