Friday, 5 June 2015

Matchbox Jurassic World Hitting Stores

For the loyal readers, we admit it has been too long since we last posted here. But we're back to bring you the latest releases from Matchbox. With the Jurassic World movie set for release later this year, toy brands have been quick to release related licensed product.

The Jurassic World series from Matchbox follows the theme of putting basic cars on cards with unique artwork and licensed logos. Mattel has been using this theme frequently with Hot Wheels lately, through the Porsche Series, Marvel, Star Trek and other cars. In the US, these cars are priced identically to the other mainlines. Internationally, Mattel charges a small premium for the fancy card art. These were $1.49 in our area, so we picked them up to review for you.

Sure these are not traditional TWDR fare, as fantasy models with very little actual die cast. But since the rest of the die cast world is ignoring these we thought we'd showcase them up-close. They're not for everyone, but we think they're pretty darn cool, especially the Toyota Land Cruiser-esque MBX 4x4 in a roan red color scheme. Enjoy the photos!

Mauler Hauler

MBX 4x4

Sea Spy

Rock Shocker

Stay tuned! Please let us know what you think of these models in the comments below. :)

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