Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Chin Up Kid? The Brand New Renault Sport RS 01 from Hot Wheels

There's an old joke where one mechanic asks another why Renaults have heated rear-windows, to which the second mechanic responds "so you can keep your hands warm while pushing it." The only thing being pushed with the new RS 01 is the envelope. This car is astonishingly stunning in 1:1 scale with a carbon fiber body and Nissan GT-R engine. So technically it's JDM. Scalpers take note. Buying the full sized version of this 500-HP beast will allow you to race in the Renault Sport Trophy series and will set you back a cool 400k.

Luckily for us, Mattel's Hot Wheels version will only set us back a few cents. The detail is impressive for a sub-1$ piece. Racing style windshield decos, 'Renault' embossed into the rear spoiler, tampos on the sides of the spoiler, and, did I mention the rims? The rims on this car haven't been particularly popular with collectors, myself included, but I knew eventually a car would be perfectly suited to them. The Renault Sport RS 01 is that car.

 Hot Wheels hasn't released many Renaults and French cars are not the first things we think of here in North America, but any car or diecast enthusiast can appreciate this stunner. Now get searching those 2016 'H' cases for this beauty!

Oh and I forgot to mention...Hot Wheels seems to have done away with the dreaded up-sloped chin of the Corvette C7R among others. The recently released Renault RS and the BMW M3 GT2 tell the tale!

I'll be showcasing the rest of the new BMW set in the upcoming days...until then, Happy Hunting!!


  1. Great post. I have this HW Renault and I'm quite happy with it. I don't mind the black wheels, I think they contrast well with the yellow body. ... Where do you find sub $1 HW these days? ... You are right, when I think of Renault castings, HW doesn't come to mind first. However, they did a great job with the Megane Trophy (first introduced in 2011?) and the Road Trippin recolours. I also like the Renault 5 Turbo from the Boulevard Series.

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