Tuesday, 9 February 2016

M2 Machines Nails It: The 1965 Ford Falcon Club Wagon

I've never liked M2 Machines. There. I said it. Let the outrage begin. While I've always appreciated the exceptional detail of the models and the unique approach, the production quality of the models never quite felt up to standard. Also models covered in flames and chrome has never been my thing. That being said I've always thought they were a great company and their appeal among collectors confirms this. Different strokes for different folks...that whole thing.

But wait, M2 just released a model that  changes my perception of the brand entirely: The 1965 Ford Falcon Club Wagon. Basically a passenger version of Ford's iconic Econoline brand that was given the 'Falcon' moniker to boost sales. Ford designed this van to compete with the likes of the Chevy Greenbriar Wagon, The Volkswagen T1 and Dodge A100/D100. First generation Econolines could be had in an array of setups: panel work vans, pickup trucks and passenger vans. The Falcon was basically a precursor to the minivans of today.

This model stands out to me because it combines all I appreciate in an excellent piece of diecast: realistic, era-specific paint colors, no tampos beyond factory touches, headlight/grille/bumper details, diecast body and chassis, detailed interior and rims and tires that are in true 1:64 scale. This is clean diecast in its truest form. One of the M2 designers on Instagram even showed how the interior was designed with arm rests true to the original.

So, yes, this is a great piece of diecast but it is more than just accuracy and detail. 1965 Econolines are just dang cool cars. Sure everyone loves VW vans, thousands of diecast examples from a variety of brands pay tribute to that, but with old American vans making a comeback something as rad as the 1965 Falcon Club Wagon is a welcome casting to say the least. 

PS the front bumper fell off when I took it out of the display, affirming my quality issue with M2. Hopefully this is not a trend. I still love the model. 

 Still a few quality issues...

Happy Hunting!!