Saturday, 6 February 2016

Pick it Up: Hot Wheels is Ratcheting up their Pickup Truck Game

In my last post I wrote about how JDM is the biggest craze in Hot Wheels. But there's another, equally cool trend taking the Hot Wheels world by storm: the good old pickup truck. Why are pickups so cool? Aside from the fact that they're powerful, versatile and fun to drive, pickups symbolize a do-it-yourself, salt-of-the earth, hard-working ethos. Lately Hot Wheels has been bringing us a wide sampling of pickup trucks from the United States, Europe and Japan. From your punk neighbor's lowered VW Caddy with a skateboard in the back to gramps'  bone stock old brown '78 Ford, Hot Wheels has covered the gamut.

There have always been pickup trucks in the Hot Wheels lineup. Think about the classic redline-era Baja Bruiser or Hi-Tail Hauler. Then around 2006-07 Hot Wheels started doing crazy things with pickups like lifting them and slapping huge off-road real riders on them a-la the RLC Texas Drive 'Em or slamming them right down to the ground as they did with the HWC Series 8 Real Riders '83 Silverado.

The HWC Texas Drive 'Em and Lowered '83 Silverado remain two of the most sought-after pieces ever offered by the club. Since then we've seen the off road style pickup trend continue with the Dodge Macho Power Wagon, Chevy Silverado, '87 Toyota and many others. The off-road style trucks are rad and everyone knows it, but what Hot Wheels has done recently with the smaller pickup truck styles is pretty neat. The Chevy Luv, Datsun 620 and VW Caddy are almost all the exact same size but are totally different trucks. The Datsun 620 marks the intersection of the pickup and JDM crazes. The brown multipack Datsun 620 was matched by a '78 Ford Pickup with the same deco in the Trucks set a few weeks later. I love when Hot Wheels connects cars by a common theme that are in totally unrelated series.

These photos present a few different trucks recently released by Hot Wheels, but hopefully they're not entirely unrelated and the pictures connect the dots...enjoy!

Happy Hunting!

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  1. WOW! I just loved them. The antique and colors of cars is just so beautiful. I really admire it. Great piece of art! and Good job.