Friday, 22 April 2016

Car Culture Only gets Better: Euro Style has Arrived!

Mix 1 of the Hot Wheels Car Culture line, the Japan Historics, are hitting the United States in full force. They're everywhere and everyone loves them. And rightly so. Hot Wheels basically took the hottest JDM castings out there and put them all in one set with card art that truly is art, Real Rider tires and metal bases. But it gets better.

Mix 2 of the Car Culture set is 'Euro Style' and I like it even better than the Japan Historic wave. I'm sure many of you prefer the Japan Historics and that's what's great about the hobby; there's something for everyone!

What's so great about Euro Style? First off, the quality. Something about the paint on my JH cars felt cheap. The green hood on the 2000GT had the dreaded ink-jet tampo look that has plagued certain Hot Wheels releases over the past couple years. I know I'm nitpicking. Then there were the loathsome taped blisters. Not a big deal if you crack your cars open, but many don't. The good news is that Euro Style are tape-free!

Secondly, Euro Style tells me the Car Culture line is stepping up to claim its place as the rightful heir to the Hot Wheels Boulevard-line throne. Is Car Culture as good as Boulevard? Not quite, but the casting selection is better and the paint and tampo quality on the Euro Style releases put them in the same league. The 993 tampos are so glossy and perfect--they take me back in time to an era when Mattel's paint and tampo quality was the best in the business.

The casting selection in this mix is spot on. The Porsche 993 continues to maintain popularity following Gulf Racing and Super Treasure Hunt releases earlier this year. It has to be my favorite of the bunch.

My 2nd favorite of the mix is the Golf MK7. Sneak peeks told me it would be the most bland of the set, but the sneaks were dead wrong. This thing is executed flawlessly. It has incredible tampo work, with shiny, metallic light blue stripes overlaying a darker blue colorway. Dang awesome.

The 911 GT2 is spot on and the only nod to the UK in the Euro Set. I love this casting. And interestingly, this is the only one of the 10 Car Culture releases so far to feature treaded tires. I prefer treads on my Real Riders personally.

My 4th favorite is the '92 Bimmer. It looks proper in a Deutsche Polizei themed paint scheme.

Lastly, there's the Fiat 500. Surely Italy has more legendary offerings than a Fiat, but I don't begrudge Mattel's inclusion of this model. It has a quaint appeal to it akin to the Morris Mini and Volkswagen Beetle.

I've written enough. Enjoy the photos and hopefully you find these in your area soon!!

Oh yeah! The card art is great too...

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