Monday, 11 April 2016

Surf's Up: The VW 5-Pack from Hot Wheels

Part II of my 5-Pack features. The 5 Pack is back! As a collector, I've steered clear of 5-Packs for years, but there seems to be a renaissance in the 5-Pack world at both Matchbox and Hot Wheels. This VW 5-Pack is a perfect example of it!

First, you get the Kool Kombi, an instant collector hit with several high end releases, including a green Toy Fair model, a teal Super Treasure Hunt and a M&M's RLC exclusive.

There's also the Custom Volkswagen Beetle with metal base/metal body, an all-too-rare phenomenon in today's age of corporate cost cutting by manufacturers.

The New Beetle Concept is a clean release that wouldn't look out of place as a Matchbox.

The Type 181 or 'Thing' is cool any way you slice it.

Finally the GTI in white is a nice clean release, but as many have noted is a bit off scale and chunky--but hey it's not too bad either.

Enjoy the photos :)

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