Sunday, 24 April 2016

Take me to Church: I'm M2's Newest Convert

The 1963 Ford Econoline Van Go is the brainchild of Church Magazine/Clothing-Line founder Coby Gewertz. The Van Go is intends to be the ultimate fusion of art and functionality and it certainly delivers on this intention. Gewertz's creation is pure beauty. There are dozens of write-ups and YouTube videos of it on the internet that you absolutely need to check out, including an incredible Speedhunters feature on it. 

To call the Van Go an amazing hot rod is an understatement. But this isn't a 1:1 scale car blog, so why are we talking about it? Well 1:64 scale diecast manufacturer, M2, teamed up with Coby and Church to translate his 1:1 scale genius into miniature. The result? One of the coolest things in diecast of the past 5 years. This is in the same league Greenlight's revolutionary Hitch and Tow line or Hot Wheels Gulf Racing releases or the return of Johnny Lightning: it's that cool.

The reason M2 has collectors abuzz with the Van Go is that they didn't simply release a Van Go replica. Rather, they released it as a 3 part set. Showing the stock Ford Econoline, the Gray work-in-progress and the final product: The Van Go. So what you say? M2 took an Econoline and painted it 3 different colors to drive sales. Wrong. They had to make/modify an entirely new casting to come up with this set. 

Comparing the white, bone-stock Econoline to the Van Go, you'll see that M2 has modified the casting to remove body lines, modify the bumpers and fit wider tires under the wheel wells. The interior is also true to the original. You can even see the true-to-the-original round, wooden seats that Coby installed in the real thing. M2's focus on detail here is just incredible. As you'll see in the photos below, they even installed wider tires on the Van-Go.

The development that went into this set tells me M2 cares about collectors, the hobby and producing unique results. This set has made me a dyed-in-the-wool M2 fan-boy. Suddenly, I can't stop buying M2 Econolines!

Happy Hunting All!

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