Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Wal-Mart Exclusive Hot Wheels BMW Series is Hitting US Locations!

If you've follow any diecast fan on social media, you'll know many US Wal-Marts got bins of the 8-Car Exclusive BMW set. For some reason, Canadian Wal-Marts got the sets way back in January so I've had these photos on deck for some time now. Since most of us can now buy the set in Stores, I thought I'd post the photos here.

Mattel seems to be collaborating with Wal-Mart more frequently on these 8-Car themed sets. Some of them have been knockouts, like the Porsche Series of 2015 and the Corvette Series of 2014. Others have been very good, like this BMW Set and the recent Captain America Set. Others, have been downright dreadful. (Tom and Jerry anyone...)

Personally, I think this BMW Set represents a great trend for Mattel. Collectors have resigned themselves to the fact that the mainline is infested with 'Mickey Mouse', plastic releases that don't belong in their collections. (There are great mainlines but only 50-80 realistic releases a year out of 250) And these cartoony releases have spawned a few cult classics like the Sharkruiser and more recently, the much beloved Fangster.

But my point here is that these 8 Car sets are an outlet for collectors to get 8 realistic, clean cars at once with special card art for $1. If Mattel continues to release sets like this, they solve 2 problems. Collectors get realistic, 1 dollar cars, while the mainline still appeals to the kids who serve as its primary marketing demographic.

I still haven't said anything about the cars, because they speak for themselves. Complaints? No one likes the E-35 casting, or at least I don't, and the bike was a bit out of place. But once I cracked it open the detail on that little bike is pretty astounding. The M1 could've used different rims. But hey..it's an M1...how cool. I'm keeping the entire set in my collection.

What about you?

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