Friday, 20 May 2016

Collecting Across Different Diecast Brands...

'Collect what you like' is a common piece of advice veteran collectors give to newbies. On that note, here I am today featuring the Dodge A100 again. But today, it's the the A100 pickup from Matchbox and the Dodge L600 Tow Truck from M2 Machines. Because I'm showing similar castings 2 days in a row, I want to talk about collecting across different brands, which also ties into collecting what you like.

First, it doesn't matter what brands you choose to collect. There is nothing noble about being a purist who collects only one brand or in being a pluralist that sees the value in each brand. With so many brands to choose from, everyone is going to collect something different and some people will collect only 1 brand while others collect a dozen.

Personally, I collect castings I like regardless of the brand. I have to say my primary focus lately is on Greenlight and Hot Wheels. Beyond those 2 brands, I collect every basic, 1$ licensed Matchbox with clean tampos, M2 Ford Econolines and the odd muscle car that fascinates me, and Kyosho VW Rabbits. And now I'm starting to dabble in Auto World chase pieces. While I've reached a point where I collect 6 different brands, 3 of those I collect very little from. In fact when I first started out, it was Hot Wheels only.

Part of the reason I started out Hot Wheels-only only had to do with distribution. I'm located in Canada, and for awhile Wal-Mart and Toys R Us were carrying Mattel brands only. Greenlight, and more recently Castline's M2 brand, have made their way onto my local shelves, piquing my interest in those brands. (Round 2, if you're reading this, get Auto World and Johnny Lightning on our pegs, I'll supply the dogsled) My point is that the brands we collect are partially limited by where on the planet we live.

All that being said, there is definitely something cool about finding a theme running across multiple diecast brands. The M2 Dodge L600 and Matchbox Dodge A100 jump out at me because of their styling and color. Did M2 and Matchbox copy each other? Maybe, but I doubt it. Seafoam green was a common color on '60's Dodge trucks. And these are two totally different platforms despite the fact that the front end styling looks identical. The A100 Pickup is a smaller platform and the same chassis used for the 1:1 scale A100 van that I featured yesterday in Hot Wheels form. The L600 is a much bigger, badder platform that Dodge used for work trucks, tow trucks and the like. But with seafoam green paint, white accents and a familial front end, the Matchbox Dodge A100 Pickup and M2 Machines Dodge L600 Tow Truck are a match made in heaven. Hey, who said collecting across brands wasn't fun?

PS: Note on the L600 chase piece that I'm still having quality issues with M2. :(

Happy Collecting!

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