Friday, 27 May 2016

'40's Lead Sleds are Mad Cool!

The Hot Wheels '49 Merc Convertible is one you might not see so often anymore, but it's definitely worth taking a look at. Back when I started collecting in 2006 the hot castings were muscle cars, VW drag trucks/busses, and hot rods or classic cars like the Merc. Today it's JDM, Porsche/BMW and pickup trucks in the spotlight. However, some of these classic castings are still worth checking out. 

The '49 Merc is a perfect example of such a car. Also known as the 'Passion Too', the '49 Merc is the brainchild of Larry Wood, perhaps the most legendary of all Hot Wheels designers. Larry Wood is the man behind many great castings of '30's-'50's era American steel. Personally, I love the '49 Merc. I'm not a huge convertible fan, normally, but this casting is one big hunk of steel. Plus, it's a beautiful car. In the '40's and '50's, American auto designers were creating works of art. Curvy flowing lines, sculpted fender skirts and big, heavy hoods were all features of the heyday of the American auto age. 

Then people started to care about gas mileage, trends changed and beauties like the '49 Merc are little more than historical novelties. The great thing about diecast collecting, though, is that we can own multiple 1:64 versions of legendary cars. 

There was a super Treasure Hunt version of this casting a few years back, but today I'm going to show 3 of my favorite examples of the '49 Merc. My very favorite is the 2011 HWC Real Riders release in green with fat white walls. A close second is the Larry Wood World Tour riding on Neo-Classics. That one has the best detail of all 3 I show here. I can't bring myself to open it yet, so you'll have to bear with the carded photos. Thirdly, I took some shots of the 5th Annual Hot Wheels Nationals versions. I was lucky to get a loose one for under ten bucks. 

Enjoy the photos

Happy Collecting!

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