Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Hot Wheels '52 Chevy Truck: Multipack Exclusive of the Year?

One of the first posts I wrote for this blog was on the 2015 Hot Wheels Mainline '52 Chevy Truck in Red. Last year's red version, along with its zamac counterpart, made for an interesting release. While the '52 Chevy has been around for quite awhile, last year it got a few mainline-friendly (read cost cutting) casting updates: The metal base is now plastic, the truck bed and cab are one piece and there is no interior. The non-existent is what I lamented most about the '52 in my blog post on the 2015 version last year.

It really annoys me when Mattel leaves a casting without an interior, especially when it isn't a model that otherwise has extra frills. I could forgive Mattel if this still had a metal base or was a model with three axles or something. But with clear windows being the most realistic choice, using them makes the missing interior a glaring flaw. I discussed the whole missing interior thing in depth in my last post on the casting if you are interested. However, the 2016 Multipack Exclusive version is so stunning that I'm looking past the missing interior.

I have to say that this periwinkle blue '52 Chevy Truck is my favorite multipack exclusive Hot Wheels so far this year. There are other obvious choices as well: The brown Datsun 620, the yellow Kool Kombi or the Dark Blue '70s Celica are all great choices. But for me the '52 Chevy Truck is too cool to ignore. The paint on it is what makes it so unique. It's a matte finish, but a different matte finish than say that on the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento mainline from 2014. There appears to be no clear coat on the release whatsoever. The primer/matte look and feel that this one has is awesome. And the dark blue accents and black interior are absolutely fantastic. 

So while the lack of interior on this casting continues to be an ongoing concern, at least for me, the rest of the casting is perfectly executed. The lines and proportions on this casting are stellar. Early '50s Chevy's are my favorite 1:1 pickups period. So I can't get enough of this multipack exclusive, especially in this paint scheme! 

What's your multipack exclusive of the year?

Happy Hunting!

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