Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Here's my Grail, What's Yours?

The 'Grail Piece' is one of the most revered terms in the collecting world. Every collector has their grail piece. The term stems from film classic 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'. Most diecasters have that one piece that they would make the perfect centerpiece for their collection, but either it is too difficult to find or way too expensive to buy. Or both.

Talking grails, everyone has a different definition of grail. That's totally okay, because it's your collection. If your grail is a $1 mainline, who am I to say it's not? But for me personally, grails are pieces that just don't pop up often, even on ebay, or are just so outrageously priced I won't be able to afford them for a long time. There are expensive pieces out there, like the Datsun Wagon 510 Super that are high dollar and not exactly easy to obtain. A piece like the Datsun Super isn't a grail to me because if someone can hand me $100 bucks and I can go on eBay and buy it in 2 minutes, it's not particularly scarce, demand just makes it expensive. To me, a grail is that piece you search eBay for every day and it finally turns up a year later. But that's my definition and it doesn't have to be yours.

I was fortunate enough to obtain my grail late last year and I had to sell off a bunch of my collection to buy it. It's the Hot Wheels 2013 MEA '78 Corvette Funny Car. So why was this my grail? It may be hard to tell from my blog so far, but the main focus of my collection, at least on the Hot Wheels side is on Corvettes. I try to get every Hot Wheels Corvette I can get my hands on. You never really see them on here because they're all carded, so photographing them isn't so fun. 

So why is the MEA Funny Car my grail? MEA stands for 'Mattel Employee Awards'. Every year Mattel makes a MEA car for recipients at its awards show. MEA cars are one step up the rarity ladder from Toy Fair cars. They're that tough. This Corvette is particularly tough. I have only seen 2 on eBay since it came out in 2013. I was lucky enough to get one of them. It's the hardest Hot Wheels Corvette to find since the turn of the millennium, so naturally it became my grail.

There are other legendary Hot Wheels Corvette grails. The 2012 Toy Fair '69 COPO Vette, the 2014 Toy Fair Corvette Stingray and the 2006 '69 Corvette K-Days in white with PR5 Wheels are all grail worthy. I hope to obtain all of them someday. However, all 3 of those cars pop up for sale on eBay and Instagram far more than the MEA '78 Funny Car. 

Enjoy the pictures of my grail. Now that I have this one, the Toy Fair COPO is next on my list. The 'blue machine' crystal ship Breaking Bad RV limited to 18 pieces is a Greenlight grail I hope to find someday. I'd love to hear what your grails are, whether you own them or not. And they don't have to meet my definition of 'grail.'

Happy Collecting! 

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