Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A Waste of Money? Or a Fun Find? How do you feel about Hot Wheels Multipack Exclusives?

We've all been there. You drive to Wal-Mart first thing in the morning. You get to the pegs and it's the same 30 fantasy cars warming the pegs. Oh well, time to head out and get on with your day. But as you're leaving you have a quick gander at the 10-packs on the shelf below. As you go through them you see an awesome car. Maybe it's a casting you collect, so you just have to have it. But then you look at the price tag: $10. Then you look at the rest of the cars in the pack. There's only one other you'd actually buy if it were a single. $10 for 2 mainlines? And what to do with the other duds in the pack?

This is my conundrum when it comes to multipack cars. But sometimes I have to have a multipack exclusive when I collect every example of the casting. So I suck it up and shell out the 10 bucks. I justify it by trying to find the pack that has 3 or 4 other pieces that are also worth buying. 

I've seen other collectors expressing similar concerns on social media. 'We don't want to buy an entire 10-Pack for one model, Mattel!' seems to be the recurring theme. At the end of the day though, Mattel has a duty of accountability to shareholders, and not to collectors. And if we're honest, very few of us would buy 10-packs without the exclusives. So from Mattel's perspective the whole multipack exclusive thing makes sense. But for us collectors, we don't really like it too much. 

The only plus side of multipack exclusives for me is that it forces me to buy models I wouldn't otherwise buy. And oftentimes I end up appreciating those models and taking some time to take some photos of 'em.

What do you think about multipack exclusives? Love 'em or hate 'em?

Happy Collecting!

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