Friday, 6 May 2016

I can't get Enough M2 Econoline!

You might know by now that I'm infatuated with M2's 1965 Econoline casting and its twin brother, the Ford Falcon Club Wagon. There's also a Falcon version with a camper top. I call them all Econolines for simplicity's sake. The Econolines have got me into M2 Machines in a big way. While I still don't collect much M2 outside of these old-school vans, this casting has given me a new appreciation for M2.

This is my 3rd blog post on M2's Econolines in the past couple months. Get used to it. Every variation I get will make its way here. They're just so fun to photograph. I picked up a lot of 4 Econolines a little while back off of good old eBay for a good deal. The lot included WalMart Exclusives with Bootlegger and Mr.Gasket liveries as well as the two Shelby Cobra editions.

I am not a van-guy per se, but I absolutely love 60's American vans: The '66 Dodge A100 from Hot Wheels, the Chevy (Corvair) Greenbriar Wagon from Hot Wheels, and the M2 Econolines. I hope to eventually get one example of every M2 Econoline. That won't be an easy task considering the number of chase pieces and even more limited Convention type pieces. The awesome thing about these vans is that M2 changes the stance on them. The Bootlegger and recent Church Equipped releases are lowered right to the ground and look like something out of a car show, while other releases sit higher and look bone stock. You can see the difference in the photos below between the Bootlegger's stance and the other 3 releases.

I don't think too much more can be said on these. The pictures speak for themselves. This is by far my favorite M2 Machines casting. They can release an entire line of them and I'll buy each one. Enjoy the photos!

Happy Collecting!

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