Monday, 23 May 2016

Favorite Matchbox Part 1: '66 Dodge A100 Pickup

I'm planning to start showcasing my favorite Matchbox castings every Monday for 'Matchbox Monday'. Since I've been going a little crazy with Dodge A100's on the blog lately, I thought why not start this Monday off with one of my favorite Matchbox castings of all time, the '66 Dodge A100 pickup.

The first release came in the 2013 basic lineup. It featured a very stock 'seafoam green' paint color with fat white striping down the sides. While the light color makes it hard to photograph, this release still stands out as the best in my books. The scheme is so simple, but perfectly era-specific and the little details like the stylized 'Dodge' Written on the front fenders are just brilliant.

The second release came in the 2014 basic lineup and was tough to find. Most major retailers didn't get the case that had it and the smaller retailers who did get it, saw it disappear quickly. I was lucky enough to be working near a Walmart here in Canada that seemed to get an endless supply of them despite the other Walmarts in town getting none.

The 2015 mainline saw yet another iteration of the A100, this time with Firestone tampos. Mattel made sure this one made it to the pegs in droves. The bright red with Firestone-licensed deco looks top notch.

It's 2016 and we get another mainline release. Mattel seems to be continuing with the licensed tampos this year, giving us a mean looking black release with Mother's Wax deco. Perfection.

Let's hope 2017 sees the trend continue. How about a '76 oil tampo? We know Mattel has the license and what a complement it would be to the 2 Hot Wheels A100 van releases with '76 tampos.

The 5th release of this casting is also a 2016 release in the 'Best of Matchbox' Line. It is by far the most detailed release and gets Matchbox's equivalent of Real Rider tires, but despite its attentive detailing, it's not the most appealing deco in my books. The '4995' pays homage to designer Michael Heralda's 4995th casting design. But let's be honest here, the real milestone is 5000. So do a deco to celebrate it on your 5000th design, but c'mon when did 4995 ever become any kind of milestone? Rant over. I appreciate Heralda's designs and he is a legendary Mattel designer, so without further adieu here are the 5 Heralda-designed Matchbox '66 Dodge A100 Pickups in all their detail!

Happy Collecting!

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