Monday, 9 May 2016

Ketchup and Mustard: The Matchbox Jeep Willy's 4X4

Oh yes! I love this one. Truth be told, Matchbox might be the most fun brand of diecast for me to collect. My Matchbox collection is actually pretty pathetic compared to most Matchbox guy's collections and compared to my own Hot Wheels and Greenlight collections. But I love collecting Matchbox because here in Canada they are only $1 (Compared to 1.37 for Hot Wheels and 6.99+ for Greenlight). The second reason is that they only put out 20 or so models in a case so there is less to collect and there are no chase pieces. So generally, with the odd exception, models don't get hoarded. That means that when my local WalMart gets a case, I usually can get what I want. Finally, they're the most accurate, realistic cars $1 will buy. 

The Jeep Willy's 4X4 is the perfect example of what I love about Matchbox. With the second yellow release now hitting stores, I had to showcase it on the blog. What future colors would it look good in? I'd like to see a forest green (then we could have ketchup, mustard and relish)...I need a burger now, anyways...I think it would look good in black or even brown also. 

I love that this model has absolutely no tampos except for the front grille and headlights, clear windows and silver wheels. This is what nice, clean diecast should look like. The Willy's logo embossed in the rear tailgate is an excellent touch. Like the M2 Ford Econolines I featured the other day, this casting tells me that there was more to 1960's automobilia than the muscle car. Diecast companies seem to be picking up on that, and I'm enjoying the trend!

This pickup looks like something you'd see driven down the road back in the day with a bundle of 2x4's or a pile of camping gear in the back. Which version do you prefer? Yellow or Red. For me the yellow just pops and is my favorite so far.

Happy Collecting!


  1. You are 100% right on the $1 comment...I hope Mattel doesn't read your blog and decides to jack up the prices.

  2. my favourite Matchbox 4*4 castings: 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ40) and the Land Rover Defender 110