Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Are Mattel's 5-Packs Worth Collecting? Lately, the Answer is a Resounding YES

I have featured a couple 5-Packs from Hot Wheels on this blog in the past couple months: The Hot Wheels VW 5-Pack and the Hot Wheels Flames 5-Pack. In both of those posts I discussed how Mattel is really stepping up its 5-Pack game. But it's not just Hot Wheels. Matchbox has played a huge part in the resurgence of the 5-Pack as a legitimate collectible.

In the past few years I haven't bothered touching 5-packs. Then 8 or 10 months ago Hot Wheels put out the Exotics 5-Pack that was just dead on. Not one casting was even close to being a dud. Then things just got better. There was the VW 5-Pack, maybe the most hyped 5-Pack ever, then the Muscle Mania 5-Pack, which got a little less attention, but was just as star-studded as the Exotic and VW 5's. (Maybe we're overdue for a JDM 5er) Then there were a few more good 5-Packs, that while not great in my books, were quite good. The recent HW Flames pack had at least 2 stellar picks and the Gotham City pack was a great set for Batman fans. And that's just the blue brand.

Mattel's other major diecast brand, Matchbox, has been on their 5-pack game too! The Classic Rides set is the best I can think of in recent memory. While 2 releases from that pack showed up in the mainline, every car was brilliant. But the Matchbox 5-Packs keep getting better. A NYPD 5-Pack is starting to hit stores and the hype around that one is real.

The 5-Pack I feature today is perhaps my favorite of all that I've just mentioned, but it's hard to pick a favorite with all the greats lately. It's the Matchbox 'Exotic' 5-Pack. The Porsche 911 Turbo and Corvette ZR1 are both 10 outta 10s in my book. The Porsche is absolutely beautiful with perfect stance, great wheel choice and a brilliant red/orange color. The Corvette narrowly beats the Porsche as my favorite of the set, but I'm biased because I absolutely love this casting and I'm a huge Vette fan. While I've always loved the ZR1 casting, this one looks mean and the striping detail on the hood and tail make it feel more like a premium release from the 'Best Of' line than a 1$ multipack filler. 

My third favorite is the GT40. The lines on this casting are wonderful and you can't go wrong with a classic Ford blue. The Lotus Evora isn't my favorite car ever, but i absolutely love the wheels on it, while the iconic British Racing Green and the Lotus decals that pay tribute to the company's rich auto history. Lastly there is the Ford Shelby Concept. There's nothing wrong with it. Cleanly executed and not half bad. Nothing to write home about, but I'd buy it as a single. 

Now that I've said '5-Pack' about 200 times in the preceding paragraphs, enjoy the photos and let me know how you feel about Mattel's 5-Pack rebirth!

Happy Hunting! (Sorry if the photos are a bit dark, I'm still tweaking my lighting setups)

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