Tuesday, 24 May 2016

My Top 3 Greenlight Castings

If you follow me on Instagram, it's no secret that I'm a huge Greenlight fan. Why? For starters, the cars are hyper-realistic. The details are up there with M2, but the scale and accuracy is closer to Auto World. Some complain about quality issues with these. While I get the odd misshaped tire or hood that won't stay open, overall the quality hasn't been an issue on the releases I have.

I'm a huge fan of Greenlight because of the realism and variety. Sure they overuse castings, but it's incredibly cool to see the same casting in a police, taxi, civilian, off road and movie version. Greenlight gets a lot of mileage out of their toolings. For some that's a knock on Greenlight, but for me it means more releases of castings I love. When it comes to the castings below, Greenlight could release them 100 times each and I'd keep buying.

So without further adieu, here are my top 3 Greenlight castings and a couple runners up. (Note: These are not necessarily my favorite releases, just loose and handy to photograph examples of my favorite castings.)

Runners Up

2014 Chevy Silverado 1500

I'm not a huge fan of modern cars in 1:64 scale unless they're sports cars or super cars, but the Silverado is just perfectly casted. GM did a great job on the styling of the present-generation Silverado/Sierra pickups and Greenlight replicated that design acumen perfectly in their 1:64 version. The coolest detail on this casting has to be the tiny 'Chevrolet' lettering on the top of the truck-bed sides. Talk about small touches.

VW Type II Camper

Greenlight uses this casting for all kinds of different VW vans. Some have surf boards or roof racks on the top, while others are plain-Jane. But by far the best thing Greenlight has done with this casting is to put a Westfalia camper on the top of it. With the camper top, this casting cracks my top 3, but since only some releases have it, I left the VW as a runner up. It's just plain rad. I have 4-5 of these now and hope to obtain the rest soon.

3rd Place

'66 Dodge D100 Pickup

By now you may have accused me of being obsessed with 1960's Dodge trucks and vans. And I stand guilty as charged. Yesterday, I featured the '66 Dodge A100 Pickup from Matchbox. Last week, I featured the '66 Dodge A100 van from Hot Wheels and the '60s Dodge L600 Tow Truck from M2. This one cracks my top 3 because it's the perfect old-school pickup. It gets an opening hood and it's one of the few opening hoods from Greenlight that stays open perfectly. The engine detail is phenomenal. Heck, this whole casting is replete with stellar touches: headlights, taillights, Dodge emblems, accurately shaped windows, I could go on and on. Here's a rare Montachussets Tech promo version.

2nd Place

'60's Ford Bronco

This is the casting that got me into Greenlight. I found the Black Bandit version at Wal Mart and just had to have it. I absolutely love 1st generation Ford Broncos, and Greenlight's version is by far the most detailed and accurate to be had in 1:64 scale. Greenlight tends to release 2 versions of this casting: A hardtop with stock ride height and a lifted, 'convertible' off road version. They are both the same casting, the hardtop just gets a plastic top put on it, while the lifted version has a plastic undercarriage attached to increase the ride height. Personally, I prefer the hard top version as it's more stock looking.

Every corner of this casting is so detailed I can't begin to describe why it's one of my favorites so I'll let the pictures have at it.


1st Place (Drum Roll Please...)

'67 Ford Custom

This should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who keeps an eye on my Instagram account. This casting actually just debuted in May of 2015. Exactly 1 year ago. In 1 year we've seen 8 (yes 8!) versions of it. It appeared as a taxi from the movie 'Bullitt' in the Hollywood line, as a bone-stock aqua version in the Country Roads series, there are 3 separate Hot Pursuit releases, a Hitch-and-Tow version pulling a Shasta Airflyte, a Black Bandit version, and finally, a charcoal colored stock version for the 'Bullitt' movie film reel.

Each of those 8 releases has a Green Machine counterpart and there is also a hyper-rare raw version of the Bullitt Taxi that was done for Maui-Fest. So now we stand at a whopping 17 Ford Customs in 1 year from Greenlight. And all I can say is thank you. Personally, I have 6 of 8 Green Machines and 6 of 8 regular versions, so I'm batting 12 for 17. On top of that, I'm a bit obsessed with the Country Roads Green Machine and have multiples of it.

To me, the Bullitt taxi and Country Roads '67 Ford Customs are the 2 most perfect Greenlight releases ever. The detailing on the taxi is astounding. It looks like something you'd hail in any urban American city in the late '60s. It's dead accurate. The aqua Country Roads version is a perfect replica of the real thing, right down to the color.

This is my favorite casting because it's such a big, heavy hunk of metal and the lettering and lighting details are all perfect. The hubcaps and rims are spot-on accurate. The hood opens to reveal a detailed engine compartment. To top it off the styling on this car was awesome. The shaped front grille and cool looking taillights are pluses. The versatility of this model is also great. We've seen stock versions, cop cars, taxis and movie versions. Keep 'em coming!

Happy Hunting!

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