Thursday, 30 June 2016

Cracking Open a Hot Wheels Convention Car

 I'm not special for cracking this open. It's a $20 value piece at most and limited to 3000 pieces, but at the end of the day it's a collectible toy car. If I was cracking a 1995 Treasure Hunt Camaro, I might deserve a medal for being ballsy, but this post is more about showing you some photos of a car I've been dying to crack for months, but somehow just let it sit in its plastic/cardboard prison until now. So here it is. There's something fun about opening higher end or limited pieces. It allows you to fully appreciate the details and color of the car, the lighting doesn't glare off of a blister and distort the paintjob; you can roll the car around and mess with the opening features too. 

Being able to appreciate the spectraflame paint and soak in the details are the real reasons I opened this '70 Dodge Challenger. I know there is an anti-neo camp out there, but I'm a huge fan when they're paired with spectraflame paint. The anti-freeze paint with ghost flames and black hood and accents is a dream paint combo in my books. Plus, now I can open the hood and appreciate all the minute detailing this car features. All of the badging, logos, license plate and lights are there. I hope you enjoy all of this Challenger's details too!

Happy Collecting!!

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