Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Dubble Sweet Perfection! Hot Wheels Sweet Rides '66 Dodge A100


Remember Dubble Bubble? The classic pink bubble gum with the comic strip wrapped around is still a staple at pretty much any baseball diamond in America. As a kid I remember scrounging through my room for nickels so I could buy a few pieces from the concession stands at my baseball games. The best part was reading the 'Pud Funnies' comics. Now I'm older and I have more mature interests, like, er, Hot Wheels cars and the '66 Dodge A100 in Dubble Bubble deco is one of my favorites.

This is the best Hot Wheels '66 Dodge A100 yet in my books. It gets every detail imaginable: Taillights, headlights, Dodge emblems, door lines, and the list goes on. The tampo quality is spot on on this. Hot Wheels tampos have deteriorated in quality over the years, but the tampos on this 2011 release are perfect. There is no chipping, bleeding, running over deco lines, misprinting or that inkjet look. Everything is spot on.

Another thing that strikes me about this release is that despite the tampos and decoration on every side of it, it never looks busy. It's all part of a well executed decor that fits the car. It looks like a bubblegum delivery van in Hot Rod form, but never strays into cheesiness. Perfect. The steelie rims were the right choice too. That rim style has quickly become a favorite of mine and looks perfect on '60's and '70's vehicles going for a custom look.

The color on this casting is a great mix of a gray-silver and metallic white. 'Pud', the protagonist of the Dubble Bubble comics graces both sides of the casting. Cool. This release is a perfect example of what I'd like to see Hot Wheels get back to with the Pop Culture line: clean, precise decos with a nostalgic vibe and licensing that would actually plausibly be seen on a real car or a delivery vehicle. Regardless, we need more A100's from the blue brand, so keep 'em coming Mattel.

 Happy Collecting!

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