Friday, 17 June 2016

Splitting Hares: The Best 1/64 Scale VW Golf MKI/Rabbit is a Kyosho

I don't collect much Kyosho because it's North American availability is pretty limited, but I'd searched long and hard for a realistic VW Golf MKI (or Rabbit as we North Americans call it) before discovering Kyosho's rendition. The Hot Wheels Hare Splitter casting is a great VW Rabbit. In fact, it's one of my favorite castings of all time, but it's more of a Hot Wheels classic than an accurate replica of a Volkswagen classic.

The Kyosho VW Rabbit has been released in 6 colors so far. I'm only missing the black version. I hope Greenlight will give us another accurately scaled VW Rabbit. Kyosho can do a few more colors but after that there's not many places to go. For us North American collectors a Greenlight casting is the perfect answer and we'd see it lots. (Imagine a first cut set, Hollywood, Country Roads and Black Bandit versions-heck, maybe even a Hot Pursuit version and Green Machines of each)

In the meantime, I'm quite satisfied with this Kyosho version. It is the only Kyosho casting I collect, but I have to say Kyosho might be the most detailed, well scaled 1:64 brand in the world. (I think TLV and Auto World are in that class too)  The scale of the VW is perfect. It is a lot smaller than many of my 1:64 scale cars, but it makes perfect sense, as an MKI is tiny next to a Dodge Ram or a Chevy Kingswood Estate in real life. In an ideal diecast world, the same contrast exists.

On top of perfect scale accuracy, Kyosho nailed the color and detail on these models. Every release color is a stock color VW offered the Rabbit in. I'm hoping for at least one more wave of this casting from Kyosho so we can see an olive green and an orange version. Right now though, yellow is my favorite. Tiny side mirrors, headlights and taillights that are separate pieces (!), a gas cap that is a separate piece, tiny wiper blades and the exact stock wheels are what make this model a real stunner. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking

Happy Collecting!!