Thursday, 9 June 2016

M2's 1965 Ford Econoline with a Camper Top? Yes Please!

The M2 Ford Falcon Club Wagon was the first release that really got me into the M2 brand. Essentially, it's a passenger version of the '65 Ford Econoline panel/work van that M2 has released countless times. My love for the passenger version encouraged me to track down all of the panel versions. I've started, but I'm not close. M2 has 2 separate Econoline castings, then, the passenger and panel versions. They also have 2 ride heights, stock and lowered that they've used on both the Falcon and the Econoline. Finally, there's the camper top addition to the passenger version. M2 has only used the camper top on the model once, but I really hope we'll see it again. A few times.

The M2 1965 Ford Econoline Camper Van is my favorite of all the Econolines. If you read this blog regularly, you know I love stock versions of older and underdog cars. This Econoline is bone stock. The ride height is factory, the wheels are stock off the lot, the paint is a factory color. Everything is stock to a tee. The camper top option makes it way cool. Unlike the squarish looking camper top found on the VW Westfalia, Ford used a dome shaped camper top. Rad.

The best part of this release to me, though, is that M2 completely re-did the interior for the camper version. They didn't just slap a camper top on the stock passenger version and say 'good enough'. Instead of bench seats, the interior has everything a camper van has. My photos won't do it justice because the details are so miniscule. But if you look closely you'll see a bed, a counter/kitchen area, a table and seats. Amazing. The dashboard also has silver detailing painted onto it. Yup, a detailed dash on a 1:64 scale model that's not a convertible. Wow. Everything about this thing just screams cool. I could go on, but as they say, a photo's worth a 1000 of the other things...

Happy Collecting!!

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