Sunday, 12 June 2016

M2's Auto Lift Series is a Winner! (Especially with 2 Ford Econolines)

M2's 'Auto Lifts' series is a great idea. They take 2 different versions of the same casting and sell them in a 2-pack displayed on a hoist. I like these sets because when it's a casting I like, in this case the 1965 Ford Falcon Club Wagon (Econoline), I can get two versions of it in one shot. I don't have to track both down separately. The price point isn't too bad either at about twice the cost of an M2 single, but you get a free all-metal hoist. The hoist is super cool because it's incredibly detailed and all metal. It also makes a great display piece for those of you that open your stuff. In fact, mine has 2 Ford Transit Supervans from Hot Wheels sitting on it right now. The Econolines are in the Econoline display case.

I've already done 2 articles on why I love the Ford Falcon Club Wagon and another post on the Econoline panel van, so I'll spare you my rave reviews and superlatives. Just know that these vans are sick. It's also the first time M2 has released the passenger version (Falcon) of this van on the lowered-base that we saw on the Church-Equipped and Bootlegger panel vans. Aesthetically, the lowered base is awesome, but they don't roll hardly at all, if you're into rolling your toys around. They do, however, make stunning display pieces as I hope you'll see in the photos below.

I hope to see more of this series from M2 Machines in the future!

Happy Collecting!!

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