Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Ugliest Real Cars make the Best Diecast Replicas

 Case in point, this Johnny Lightning 1971 Ford Pinto. Widely derided as one of the most ugly cars ever, the Ford Pinto is hated even more for the fatalities it caused than for its less-than-pretty appearance. Defective design flaws on the Pinto made Ford the first corporation to be held criminally and civilly responsible in the United States. Everyone knows about the class action lawsuits surrounding this car. Despite its checkered past, the Pinto is a piece of automotive history, and Johnny Lightning gave collectors a chance to get it in 1:64 scale.

This 1971 Ford Pinto in a disgusting mustard yellow has to be the ugliest diecast car in my collection. Now why would any diecast company willfully replicate something so ugly and expect to sell it? And why would collectors want it? Aside from the fact that the Johnny Lightning Pinto is highly detailed, accurately scaled, sturdy, all-metal and rolls well, it is also automotive history. Famous cars are famous for different reasons, some good, some bad. As a collector, I appreciate having releases like this in the collection. They are historical curiosities, and make for unique talking pieces in a collection. Plus, with cars like this, it's unlikely we'll see other brands release it. Hot Wheels has the Poison Pinto, but compare it to this and it's a far cry from it. (although legendary in its own right)

Anyways, I find cars like this fascinating and fun to own. Even cars like the Chevy Kingswood Estate from Auto World or the Chevy Astro Van from Hot Wheels are not exactly exotic or sexy cars but are still collector favorites. (Okay, okay they're not quite as ugly as a Ford Pinto) Now, if you can stomach it, enjoy the Johnny Lightning 1971 Ford Pinto in all its mustard-yellow death-trap glory.

 Happy Collecting!!


  1. I agree with you, 1:1 POS make for great 1:64 collectibles. I have the AMC Gremlin also from Johnny Lightning, almost as ugly. Round2 should bring back some of those castings under the new Johnny Lightning lineup, these castings were epic and were one of the things that made the brand great.

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