Friday, 29 July 2016

1965 Chevrolet Truck from the 2005 Holiday Classics Line: Obscure Beauty!

Johnny Lightning kind of faded into obscurity over the past 5 years or so until Round 2 resurrected the brand last year. That's a shame, because there are some incredible gems hidden in the brand's (somewhat) recent history. After opening up a 2005 Holiday Classics 1965 Chevrolet Truck, I have to say I hope Round 2 puts out releases of this quality. Since Auto World is the gold standard for quality, I don't have any doubt that the rejuvenated Johnny Lightning brand will continue to deliver gems like this 1965 Chevy.

The future looks rosy, but let's focus on 2005 for a second. The first thing I notice about this model is the incredible heft of it. It feels weighty in the hand. It honestly feels heavier than my Auto World 1969 Chevy Kingswood Estate wagons, which themselves have a lot of mass for 1:64 scale releases. I don't know where the weight comes from, but it is noteworthy, even compared to other metal/metal releases.

Second, the paint. It's a 'spectraflame' green. The color is similar to that used on Greenlight's green machines, but without the metallic/sparkly hints to it. It's got a slick Hot Wheels redline-era sheen.

Third, I must belabor the quality of this model because it is so incredible. Everything on it just works. The rubber tires roll smoothly like they're plastic Hot Wheels wheels. The hood opens, and stays open, and then shuts tightly and crisply again. That's rarer than it sounds. The detailed bits are all cast into the model, so you don't risk them falling or breaking off like you might with other premium brands. The quality on this model is as good or better than modern Auto Worlds. It's that good.

Fourth, the details. I'm a sucker for good detailing, and this model has it all. The engine compartment looks incredibly real. The truck tailgate has cast-in locking handles that are painted. Chevrolet emblems, taillights, headlights, grille detail, and trim are all accurately painted on. So are the windshield wipers. I could go on.

To sum it up this is a release that is about as close to perfect as I've found in 1:64 scale. My only tiny complaint is that the wheels look a little small for the casting. At the end of the day, you've got a car with the heft and quality of Auto World, the clean, 'stock' Greenlight look, the M2 opening features and details and the Hot Wheels-Style spectraflame paint and roll-ability.

If I've sold you on this model, here's the JL lineup on Amazon. If I haven't, just enjoy the photos!

Johnny LIghtning: Yesterday & Today: Metal Die-Cast Minature Cars by Johnny Lightning

Happy Collecting!!

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