Sunday, 10 July 2016

2013 Matchbox Exotics 5 Pack: I Miss 5-Packs Like this One...

You might be sick of Matchbox 5-Packs by now, but I'm not. While Matchbox's best days seemed to be behind it between 2011-14, they still put out some worthwhile 5-Packs. When I found this 2013 Exotic Pack at a grocery store the other day, it was so good that I assumed (in my ignorance) it was from an earlier time, maybe 2010 or something. Of course it wasn't. It was a 2013 5-Pack, and a pretty darn good one at that, considering some of the other stuff Matchbox was putting out at the time.

I'll spare you from a ton of verbiage on the cars, but as I hope the photos show, they hearken back to a period when Matchbox produced rare, but classy and clean cars, like the Fisker Karma and the TVR Tuscan S. There is something absolutely wrong with the 911 Carrera casting in my books, but the Karma, Ford GT and Shelby Cobra Concept are dead perfect. The Tuscan is a neat, well done piece also. Enjoy the photos and tell me what you think of these castings in the comments!

Happy Collecting!!

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