Friday, 29 July 2016

Instagram User 'sungkangsta' Unviels 2017 Hot Wheels Fairlady Z Re-Color

It looks like Instagram User 'sungkangsta' (Sung Kang) has showed us what the 2017 Hot Wheels Mainline Nissan Fairlady Z will look like. It is just the second color of the model and will look great next to the 2011 First Edition Kenmeri Skyline, also an all white release.

Keep an Eye out in Stores starting October 2016!!!


  1. It's a new model, and the guy (Sung Kang) is the actor on Fast And Furious series that build the real car. He and Jun Imai (Hot Wheels Designer) are friends, and Hot Wheels did the replica we will see on 2017 mainline.

    Doug ( blog)

    1. Thanks Doug! I wanted to give his Instagram Account credit for the photo and failed to mention that he is of Fast and Furious fame. Keep up the great blog!

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