Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Shhh...It's a 1:43 Scale...

Yeah, I know, I know it's 1:43 scale and it's an F1 car. Not exactly familiar territory for a blog focused on 1:64 scale civilian vehicles. However, with Mattel losing their Ferrari license and the Formula 1 season in full swing, I needed a fix. Bburago gave it to me. Much of my readership is North American, and at the risk of painting with broad strokes, not too many over here are huge Formula 1 fans. Fan or not, it's hard to deny the brilliant engineering excess that is poured into Formula 1 cars.

Today, we're taking a look at a Bburago Ferrari replica of Sebastian Vettel's 2015 race car. I only collect 1:64 scale, yet this 1:43 scale was so good it gets the title of being the first in my collection. At only $8 Canadian (roughly $6USD) the detail on this model is astounding. The curvy lines of the Ferrari make for a model that was fun to photograph and fun to look at. Every sponsor decal is dialed in. The livery of the real thing is replicated perfectly, right down to the Santander logos on the side mirrors. The tires have the proper Pirelli badging on the sidewall and even the plastic interior looks rather realistic.

The tires are real rubber, and the model comes packaged in a display-friendly context. Whether you're an F1 fan, a Ferrari fan or simply a fan of great quality diecast, this model's for you. Since I'm all 3, I had to get this one on the blog for you guys and girls. Stay tuned and happy collecting!

Happy Collecting!!

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