Monday, 4 July 2016

Get the Spirit of '76 on this July 4th!

 It's July 4th today, but, full disclosure, I'm not American. Nonetheless, how can I not tip my cap a little to the nation that brought us apple pie, baseball and Hot Wheels. Speaking of Hot Wheels, today I want to take a look at the brilliant '76 petroleum licensed cars Hot Wheels has done. Of course July 4th is all about what happened in 1776 and '76 fuel stations have built their brand on 'getting the spirit of 1776'. Luckily for us, Hot Wheels has released some awesome cars with it's '76 licensing agreement.

Of course everyone loves anything Gulf Racing lately, but '76-licensed cars are equally cool and Hot Wheels needs to do more of them. Today, we focus on 2 excellent pairings. First off, there's the recently released mainline duo of '69 Ford Torino Talladegas, one white, one blue. These two 2016 mainlines pair incredibly well with the HW Delivery/Slick Rides duo of '66 Dodge A100 vans from 2011, also in white and blue. As you'll see in the photos below, these two duos make, well, a great duo! Also, a safe and happy July 4th to all of my American readers and friends.

Happy Collecting!!

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