Thursday, 28 July 2016

Blue Looks Good on You! Hot Wheels Liquid Blue Mainlines

Hot Wheels mainlines are the bread and butter of most collections. Or at least they're the jumping off point to higher end lines and chase pieces. The gateway drug so-to-speak. I have a love/hate relationship with Hot Wheels mainlines. I love seeing each case report online and selecting the 5-10 models from the mix I deem worthy of being picked up. The hate stems from half of the cars in the case being fantasy models (but hey, I'm not Mattel's only target demographic, so I get it) and from the spotty mainline distribution I face in Canada. My local pegs are a mix of 'C' and 'E' case cars, yet the United States is one case away from 2017. I'll live.

With all that being said, sometimes Mattel delivers some absolutely stunning mainline/basic Hot Wheels that leave me shaking my head as to how they came up with such a gem for under a dollar. Lately, Hot Wheels has been using their version of Ford's 'liquid blue' color on a number of models, including non-Fords. It really does work wonders for the models. I have the Ford Raptor somewhere, but couldn't find it in time for my photo shoot. And the GT has yet to hit my country.

I think, however, the '17 Acura NSX and the Shelby Mustang GT350R provide ample evidence of how perfect mainline Hot Wheels look enrobed in liquid blue. Enjoy!

Happy Collecting!!

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