Thursday, 21 July 2016

This One Deserves a Feature: Hot Wheels Mail-In '66 Dodge A100...

Some diecast cars are just cool. Others are stunning. The 2012 Hot Wheels '66 Dodge A100 Mail-In is both. A mix of light and dark spectraflame green paint ensures you can see hints of the zamac that lies beneath. It's a really beautiful paint scheme. The '66 Dodge A100 is one of those Hot Wheels castings that looks stunning with nearly any deco, but put a great color scheme on it, and you have a great result.

I'm now only 2 releases away from completing my '66 Dodge A100 collection. I only need the hard-to-find purple Japan Convention model and the easy-to-find Ozzy Osbourne Nostalgia release. I don't have the Ozzy release because I've been lazy and cheap about ordering it because I know I can get it any old time. The purple Japan Convention model has only turned up once or twice since I've started looking, and never in my price range.

I realized I've shown all of the 9 '66 Dodge A100's I have on the blog with the exception of this mail-in release. So here it is, in all of it's shiny, close-up coolness. Enjoy. Oh, and the other 8? You can see those here.

Happy Collecting!!

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