Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The "Murdered-Out"/Outlaw Look Part II: M2 Machines Black Pearl Auto Drivers

Yesterday I featured the Greenlight Black Bandit Fleetwood Bounder RV duo. I explained the whole 'murdered-out' all-black-look car scene in that post, which you can check out here. Today we're going to look at the other 1:64 scale option for murdered-out diecast: M2 Machines' Black Pearl Auto Drivers. This is the first time M2 has gone with the outlaw look on its castings, and boy do they look good. As much as I love Greenlight's Black Bandit Series, M2 has taken the murdered out look one step further by using matte black paint for their Black Pearl releases. Matte paint = meaner than glossy paint.

The only thing M2 seems to miss with these releases is tinting the windows limo-style. The rest is spot on. Since these are Auto Driver releases, you don't get the acrylic display case, metal base or opening hoods and doors, but you do get a nice, simple diecast car. I actually prefer the Auto Drivers to M2's pricier lineups because the simplicity prevents them from falling apart like some of my other M2 Machines have done.

Saying that this limited-edition Black Pearl set is a winner is an understatement. Aside from my obsession with the Ford Econoline/Falcon Club Wagon castings, I don't collect M2 Machines unless I really really like something they release. I have to focus the collection somewhere and I prefer Greenlight and Auto World premium brands to M2. The Black Pearl set, though, I had to pick up. Every model in the mix is so well executed that it's hard to pick a favorite. Mine has to be the Ford Torino, but there's no clear winner.

You might notice I'm missing the '67 Dodge Charger (and the 2 chase cars). It's missing because I bought the set piece by piece at Wal Mart over a week or so and when I went back for the Dodge it had been scooped. What was I thinking leaving one of these hanging on the pegs? I'm sure you'll wonder the same after checking out these photos!

Happy Collecting!!

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  1. I bought the Charger, Torino and Nova SS last week. As much as I love how they look, the front wheels on the Charger seem to rub against the inside of the fender and it doesn't roll well. Is this typical for the M2s? These are my fist M2s since I normally only buy HW or MBX. I guess they're mainly for show and not really play.