Monday, 25 July 2016

My Favorite Matchbox Part 5: '93 Ford Mustang LX SSP

It's Monday, and I've decided to get back on the 'Matchbox Monday' train with a recent collector favorite: the '93 Ford Mustang LX SSP. This model debuted in the 2014 basic mixes and has been a smashing hit ever since. I'm a Corvette guy, but who can resist a good fox-body? Especially in service livery! The 'SSP' given to this model stands for 'special service package', a special trim offered exclusively to law enforcement by Ford Motor Company.

Okay, so you get the idea. It's a fox-body Mustang, cop-style. Right off the bat, Matchbox used the California Highway Patrol, or CHP livery. The iconic black and white made sense, and California is the most populous US state after all. The CHP graphics turned out to be so popular, Matchbox re-released the exact same car in the 2015 basic lineup with no changes other than to the card artwork. Here we are in 2016 and we have another very nice, albeit unlicensed, mainline '93 Mustang SSP.

While the 2016 mainline is nice, and the CHP version very nice, the recent Best-of-Matchbox release BLEW ME AWAY. I don't usually use Caps Lock for emphasis, but this model needed it. I actually put off buying this Mustang so I could add the BMW M1 and Dodge A100 from the best-of series, two of my favorite castings. But the Mustang blows them both out of the water. After cracking open the blister and holding the '93 SSP up to some good light, you realize the thing's detailed like Greenlight/Auto World and the paint shines like it's a Super Treasure Hunt.

If you only track down one Matchbox this month, I suggest it be the Best-Of '93 Mustang SSP. It's that good. I can only hope the photos do it some justice.

Happy Collecting!!

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