Friday, 22 July 2016

Matchbox and Skyjacker Suspension Collaborate to Create a Winning Bronco!

Okay, I'll be honest, I'm a huge Ford Bronco fanboy. While I picked up the 2015 basic Matchbox 4X4 Bronco it was more for the casting than the backstory behind the car. However, a lot of us collectors missed the fact that this Bronco actually exists in 1:1 scale as the result of a collaboration between Matchbox and Skyjacker Suspension.

This is actually a very, very cool $1 basic release done for Skyjacker's 40th anniversary. You can read about the 1:1 scale version of this 1976 Ford Bronco that was shown off at the SEMA Auto show in 2014 if you go here. Felix Holst, of Matchbox and Hot Wheels fame, collaborated with Skyjacker president Lonnie McCurry Sr. to come up with a life-size replica of a Matchbox model, and I must say that the Matchbox version looks pretty darn close to the real version. While the Bronco is a basic $1 model, it deserves some attention for the efforts that went into it and for its realistic execution. Plus it just looks plain cool.

The Skyjacker Bronco isn't the only 1:1/1:64 scale combination out there. Another awesome collaboration between M2 Machines and Church Designs happened earlier this year. You can check out our full article on that Ford Econoline right here. For now, enjoy the photos of this very cool Skyjacker Suspension/Matchbox collaboration and go pick up this model if you missed it at the pegs last year!

Happy Collecting!!

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