Monday, 18 July 2016

The "Murdered-Out"/Outlaw Look Part I: Greenlight Fleetwood Bounders

There's a car culture scene niche where car and pickup truck owners 'murder their vehicles out' to give them a mean or bad look. We're not talking hiding bodies in the trunk Casino style, but rather cars with all black paint, rims and window tint. Greenlight Collectibles capitalized on the outlaw look back in 2008 when they took over the Black Bandit brand from the then-defunct Johnny Lightning brand. The vehicles have turned out to be a smashing hit for Greenlight as we're now on Series 14 of the Black Bandit line with several one-off special releases appearing along the way.

Today, I want to look at two of those Black Bandit 'special releases': The 1986 Fleetwood Bounder RV and the 2016 Fleetwood Bounder RV. Chances are you've seen some real 1:1 scale murdered out cars before, like these, but I doubt you've seen a pair of RV's this mean at your local campground. Thankfully, Greenlight has made that fantasy a reality by doing two 1:64 scale Fleetwood Bounders that are totally bada$$.

I'm the first to admit that Greenlight has done better versions of these RVs. There are so many details on the Fleetwood Bounder castings that show up way better when the releases use a beige/brown/white paint scheme. All the detailing is still there on these Bandits, but you really need to crack them open and have some good lighting to appreciate the nuances of the castings.

While the detailing is impressive on these models, the cool factor here comes from the murdered out look with black window tint, all black paint, black rims, black interiors and obviously black tires. Imagine Walter White rolling around in one of these on Breaking Bad! He would've been way meaner, but might've drawn a little more heat from law enforcement in the process. While I suggest you look at all of the Fleetwood Bounders Greenlight has released, if you want something mean-looking, the Black Bandit Bounders are the place to start. Enjoy the photos!

Happy Collecting!

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