Friday, 29 July 2016

The Pokemon Go/Hot Wheels Connection...

Okay, I'll admit a bit of a click-baity title. I don't do it often, so forgive me. The biggest craze in the world right now seems to be the Pokemon Go app. For those that don't know (which I don't think is possible unless you live in an undiscovered Amazon tribe), Pokemon Go is a geo-caching app that allows users to track down and catch virtual Pokemon.

Full disclosure: I don't play it, and I haven't downloaded the app. But my Instagram news feed, which is normally 99% diecast, has numerous Poke-posts lately, which tells me diecast collectors are joining the fun just like everyone else. Personally, I don't get the craze. Or at least I didn't. Until I thought about it.

As Hot Wheels/Greenlight/Whatever collectors, we travel from store-to-store and eBay link to eBay link in hopes of finding the latest-greatest diecast, or that hard to find chase piece that you've only seen on eBay once. Ever. A huge part of this hobby is the 'thrill-of-the-hunt'. Sure, owning diecast is great, photographing it, customizing it, giving it away and displaying it even better, but we all love to hunt, even if we only do it once in awhile. I think even if I was a billionaire and could have every rare exclusive delivered to my private jet, I'd still go to the pegs once in awhile for that thrill of finding that one super.

So diecast collectors like to 'hunt'. I think it's human nature. Why do big game hunters track down that rare beast, why do kids love Easter egg hunting? We all love a good treasure hunt. Mattel's made a living capitalizing on that human desire.

The same thing applies to Pokemon-Go. Some Pokemon are rarer than others. Some you've never found before. Or you find it and your friends haven't. Plus you meet lots of great people along the way, just like you do in the diecast hobby. So, while I'm not going to go download the app, I have to say I do get it now. Sort of.

Happy Hunting!!

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