Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Will we see Hot Wheels Spectraflame Paint at Retail Again?

From 2005-2009 before there was Boulevard, Cool Classics, Heritage and Car Culture, Hot Wheels premium, standard-size blister line was dubbed 'Classics'. The cars from the Classics Series 1-5 featured metal bases, plastic redline tires and spectraflame paint. Fast forward to 2016 and the only way to get your spectraflame fix is to find a Super Treasure Hunt or to purchase cars through the Hot Wheels Redline Club (RLC).

Outside of the Supers, are we going to see spectraflame paint at retail again, like we did back in 2009? I don't really know, but I certainly hope so. Along with the redline wheel, nothing defines the Hot Wheels brand more than spectraflame paint. Nothing. Mattel distinguished Hot Wheels by giving them fast rolling wheels and shiny, mirrored paint. The colorful spectraflame paint grabbed kids' attention and allowed Mattel to charge a premium for their product in the late '60's.

To this day, Hot Wheels look best with spectraflame paint. While even Auto World and Greenlight use a spectraflame-esque paint on their chase cars, nothing beats Hot Wheels hand polished spectraflame. The Classics series cars were like the original Redlines in that they featured every color of the spectraflame rainbow.

To be honest, I doubt we'll see Mattel bring spectraflame paint back to retail. Spectrafrost was a bit of a sales flop when Mattel used it on the Cool Classics releases and I don't know how much better spectraflame would fare in 2016 on a Classics-type premium retail series. The premium retail lines that have succeeded over the past few years have relied on licensing and casting choice. The 2016 Car Culture and 2013 Boulevard lines are probably the most sought after retail-premium type Mattel cars, and the equation didn't involve spectraflame paint. Rather, Hot Wheels used a combo of JDM/Porsche/Big American Truck castings, licensed decos (sometimes) and real rider tires.

What if we had a premium retail series with everything? Hot castings, real riders, metal basis, licensed liveries and spectraflame paint? I'm sure they'd fly off the pegs. I can dream, can't I?

Happy Collecting!!

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