Monday, 22 August 2016

2 Excellent M2 Pickup Trucks (And why I've Stopped Collecting M2...)

Let me preface this by saying I have no intent whatsoever of damaging the M2 brand's reputation. I think the folks at Castline work hard to deliver highly collectible and well executed vehicles to the collector through their M2 brands. These 2 pickup trucks, one GMC, one Studebaker are perfect examples of clean, detailed realism for only $5. Models like this are why I enjoy M2. I can't say I've entirely quit collecting M2. I will continue to pick up the Ford Econoline casting but I won't buy any other M2's.

So why no more M2's for me? Reason number 1, and the biggest reason is that they break. M2 uses more separate parts on their models than Greenlight and Auto World. This adds detail that the other 2 brands lack. However, for someone like me who opens the models, the little parts inevitably fall off. (I also find the chrome they use on them can give some of the cars a cheap look). I have now had 4 M2's that are broken out of a collection of 25 cars or so. That's unfortunate. I continue to be tempted by their models at the store, but I have to pass because of quality concerns. (I'll show the issues in the photos below)

Reason number 2 is really no fault of M2's at all. I'm a huge, huge Greenlight fan and I've recently been bit by the Auto World bug, so collecting 3 premium brands isn't feasible space-wise or financially. Factor in Johnny Lightning's re-emergence, Majorette's return to the pegs, and my desire to acquire more Kyosho and M2 becomes the odd-man out with so many other brands whose cars don't fall apart on me.

There, I've said my piece. Don't stop buying M2 Machines. Don't bash M2 and don't hate me because I've stopped collecting them. I have many very good friends in the hobby who have a blast collecting M2's, and that's what it's all about after all! Oh, and enjoy these 2 pickups, M2 did a good job!

The Issues

(Dislodged Interior)


Cool Pickups (I Wish the Quality Issues weren't there)


Happy Collecting!!

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  1. Thanks for the insight on the M2s. I've often looked them over in the car aisle but have been hesitant to buy because they looked very nice, but fragile. I have a few of the cars, but they don't have many plastic accessories that could break off. I think I'll hold off since I do open mine and my son plays with them. Thanks!