Friday, 26 August 2016

Five Pack Friday: The Hot Wheels Muscle Mania 5-Pack!

You know the feeling. A Hot Wheels or Matchbox model catches your eye on the pegs. But alas, it's in a pack with 4 other fantasy models you couldn't give a hoot about. So you agonize over whether spending $5 (or $7-$8 depending on the retailer) is worth it for a basic mainline. Then you think about eBay's shipping costs and the effort tracking down the model later on will require. You pony up the $5 bucks and console yourself because you're now up-to-date on casting xyz.

We've all been in the situation I've just described, myself included. Thankfully, Mattel is getting better at releasing 5-Packs where 3-5 models are worth picking up, instead of just 1 or 2. You can check out some reviews of those 5-packs here.

You might be asking why I'm reviewing a 5-Pack that came out a year ago and most of us own by now. It's a valid question, but I want to show it off because it represents what Mattel can do with a 5-Pack when they put their minds to it. 3 cars here are must haves, the '67 Firebird, Impala and Nomad, while the Mustang and Roadrunner are nothing to sneeze at either. Are you pony-ing up the $5 bucks this time? I'm guessing yes. I know I did...

Happy Collecting!!

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