Sunday, 14 August 2016

It's a (Matchbox) Jeep Thing: Part 1

The Matchbox Jeep Willy's 4X4 continues to be one of my favorite new Matchbox castings and it only gets better with it's 3rd release, this time in the exclusive 'Jeep Set' with special card artwork and detailing. We've seen 2 mainline versions of this model so far, in both yellow and red. I did a full review on those here. I'd check that out before you read this.

The 3rd release of the Jeep Willy's 4X4 is without a doubt my favorite so far. The dark teal color is absolutely beautiful. It's one of my favorite colors and to see it on a model as great as this floats my boat. The other reasons the Jeep Series release beats the tough-to-beat mainline releases are the extra touches and detailing the model gets. Black door panelling, trim around the fenders, white lettering on the hood and painted rims are all welcome touches we didn't see on the mainline.

I don't need to go too in depth on why the Jeep Willy's 4X4 casting rocks! It's lifted, well scaled, clean, has cool grille and headlight decos and the Willy's logo embossed into the tailgate. Plus it's one of the coolest pickup trucks ever. So enjoy the photos and make sure you don't miss out on any of these 3! You can get all 3 examples for under $5 total, so there's no excuse!

Happy Collecting!!

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