Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Majorette Diecast Just Turned up at My Local Wal-Mart!!

If you follow me on Instagram (if not, you should), you'll know by now that Wal-Mart now carries Majorette diecast.  If you follow pretty well any other Canadian collector on Instagram you'll know the same.

Yesterday, after being tipped off by a friend, I walked down the toy aisle at a local Wal-Mart to find 6 pegs jam packed, not with Hot Wheels, not with a Super Treasure Hunt, but with Majorette Cars in all different varieties.

Since many of my readers are from the United States and elsewhere, this may not be good news to them. However, it's a start. Majorette's entry to Canada gives US collectors a chance to trade for Majorette more easily and may provide us Canadian collectors with opportunities to get ZAMACS, Auto Worlds and other products that are unavailable here. Also, if Majorette sells well in Canada and people on social media continue to request the brand, who knows if Majorette expands into the United States!

I've included some photos I took at my local Wal Mart as well as some taken by my friend, @monsieur_diecasts (on Instagram) at his local Wal Marts in Ontario. Enjoy!

Happy Collecting!


  1. I live in Croatia... and here Majorette's cost around 20 HRK or rougly 3.3 dollars(4 canadian).

    Now... Matchbox cars cost around 2-3 dollars (3 canadian) so I am really surprised by the prices on your photos in wallmart. I thought they were cheaper! I mean, please check out my article called Matchbox vs Hot Wheels vs Majorette Toy Cars. There I compare diecast brands and I've seen both Majorette and Matchbox WAY cheaper on Amazon for example!

    1. Yeah Matchbox and Hot Wheels basic cars cost $1 Canadian here while Majorette cost $5 Canadian. I think Majorette is testing the market here as they just began selling in Canada again. I read your post and agree with your point about older Majorette being extremely durable and featuring working suspension. Check back often! :)