Wednesday, 3 August 2016

And Then There Were 7: The Matchbox Dodge A100 Pickup Family is Growing!

If I had to pick a favorite Matchbox casting, I'd probably have to settle on the Dodge A100 Pickup. While I'm not ready to commit to a favorite just yet, the A100 is definitely a front-runner. A month or two ago we featured the whole A100 family. You can check that out here. It's worth it.

Fast forward to August, and the A100 family has grown. If I get my way, it will keep growing. The 2016 mainline version celebrating Michael Heralda's career has hit the pegs, and it's a nice release. However, the real headline-grabber is the 2016 Matchbox Gathering 'Dealer Model'. The Dealer Model was only available to those who bought dealer tables at the annual Albuquerque gathering. If you're still looking, I'd suggest eBay. Be prepared to spend a few dollars.

Short of a metal base, Mattel spared no detail for the Dodge A100 Pickup Dealer Model. The spectraflame red paint is magnificent. It's perhaps the best quality spectraflame I've seen on a Mattel car in years. The wheels get white walls, and the tampo work is magnificent. There's the historic significance of the Hindi Sheep & Cattle Co. livery, a New Mexico ranching mainstay, topped with a bunch of excellent details. The New Mexico license plate on the back is a perfect touch. The headlight tampos add huge realism that's been missing from the mainline models. The molded 'Dodge' in the front end got some painted tampo work for emphasis. Then there's the white stripe down the side with a Matchbox logo nicely blended in. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention the Gathering emblem and dates emblazoned on the roof.

Easily the most detailed A100 to date, the Gathering Dealer Model doesn't disappoint. It's my favorite Matchbox I own, and despite the intricate detailing, it's never too busy. Enjoy the photos and all 7 Matchbox Dodge A100 Pickups!

Happy Collecting!!


  1. So far, I have 3 out of the 7. Just found 2 of them yesterday. Realistically, I'll probably only end up with 4 or 5 of them. Thanks for posting!

    1. Thanks for Reading! They're definitely worth picking up!

  2. I have 2 out of 7. i am enjoying collecting them. i hope i can collect all 7 of them. lol i am obessed with its details and colors.