Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Matchbox is King of the Unique Model...

'Hold up', you say, 'haven't you seen the Hot Wheels cars that double as money clips, golf tees and bottle openers?' Or you say 'what about Greenlight's Hitch/Tows or Johnny Lightning's Zingers or Kyosho's Formula One cars?' If you said any of those things make their respective brands unique, you'd be 100% correct. Matchbox, however, is king of unique realistic vehicles. Think fork-lifts, scrapers, military vehicles, the Mudstanger and more.

I've wrote before about Matchbox vehicles that define the brand. I think Matchbox at its best is a two-trick pony. Sure we all know and love the so-called 'golden age' vehicles: licensed models, with front and rear only tampos and quality wheel choice. Matchbox does those models exceptionally well. The other theme Matchbox does incredibly well and shouldn't neglect are 'real-working-vehicles' and other unique, but real cars. If you're not sure what I mean, I've included 6 examples of quality Matchbox vehicles that both kids and collectors appreciate. They're not 'golden age' but they're equally important to the Matchbox brand and what sets it apart.

Happy Collecting!!

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