Monday, 15 August 2016

Most Underrated Hot Wheels Heritage Model?

The Hot Wheels Heritage Custom '66 GTO Wagon is a pleasure to behold. In fact, it may be the most underrated of all 36 Hot Wheels Heritage models last year. The 18 Real Riders generated the most hype, between the Datsuns, BMW 2002, Chevy Silverado and others. The Redlines were largely ignored outside the Hako/Kenmeri/Long Gone trio. However, collectors still bought the Redlines and a few stand out as absolute gems.

One of the biggest 'hidden gems' of the Heritage Series is this beautifully rendered Custom '66 GTO Wagon. This particular one was RAOK'd to me by Instagram's @preachermoose_diecast. (Go follow him). While not necessarily my favorite of the 36 Heritage models, this one has the best paintwork of the entire 36-car set. It's that good. The satin blue ghost flames are incredible and cover the top and sides. They look excellent, this coming from a guy who generally hates flame decos.

But wait, there's more than just the paint job to admire on this model. The model is all metal, like the rest of the Heritage Line, features very cool looking red line wheels, that while not Real Riders, deserve some attention. Plus there's the dog in the back. Perhaps the grandest feature of the '66 GTO Wagon Casting is that dog hanging out the back. A very unique and realistic detail.

Oh, and we nearly forgot to mention, it's a wagon. And wagons are cool. We've reviewed lots of 'em, and you can check them all out right here!

Happy Collecting!!

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  1. Nice, I agree! Actually just picked this up from Wheel Collectors on eBay since it was on sale.